How to get Nicotine in AUS


What is happening with Nicotine laws?

From october 1st the Australian government are implementing enforcement of the current law and requirement to hold a valid prescription to import nicotine concentrates and E-liquids. The new strategy is based upon a formal reclassification by the TGA, and now reclassifying nicotine as a Schedule 4(prescription only) substance.

Where can I get a prescription?

Doctors are going through training as we speak, it is estimated that 45,000 doctors will be able to prescribe nicotine products from October 1st and as time goes on this number will continue to grow. Prescriptions will be valid for 12 months and you will be able to order up to a 3 month supply at a time. At this stage it looks like there will be 3 different prescription types.

Prescription type 1 - This type of prescription will allow you to import via the personal importation scheme which is very similar to the way we order now.

Prescription type 2 - This type of prescription will allow you to purchase nicotine from a compounding pharmacy, what is yet to be confirmed is whether you take your juice and they add it or if you can purchase the raw product to add yourself 

Prescription type 3 - This type of prescription will allow you to purchase TGA approved products

Prescriptions will be written in the following way -

  • Your GP may ask how much you vape a day, what mg you use and will tailor your script to allow you to import a 3 months supply of nicotine concentrate.
  • If you are importing pre mixed juices just inform your doctor what flavours you like. For example, “ I like fruity flavours, I vape 25mg Nic salts and I go through 1x  60ml bottle a week.”  Your prescription will be written up to allow you to import 12 x fruit flavour 60ml bottles. 

Quit Clinics are registered with ATHRA(Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association) and have authorised Australian doctors who specialise in patient assessment for nicotine prescriptions. The process with Quit Clinics typically takes 24hrs and if they are unable to assist they will provide a full refund.

Online prescriptions will cost around $90 and it is anticipated to be the same from local GP’s. You will also be eligible to claim the Medicare credit of $39.10.

To work out your desired strength when mixing your nicotine with juice check out our Nicotine Calculator